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Worlds of the Aether is a planetary romance setting, meaning it uses fantasy devices such as magic and gods to explore realms usually associated with science-fiction, such as aliens, other planets and space travel. In the Aether, you will see ships that look like traditional sea-going vessels take off from the surface and fly through the outer space, protected by magical devices or the innate power of spellcasters on board. Utilizing powerful magic, many races have spread across the Galaxy. Here you will find the familiar creatures such as dwarves, gnomes and goblins along with more exotic aliens. You will encounter an alliance of worlds ruled by vampires fighting a totalitarian cyborg dystopia. You will encounter imperialistic dwarves who think they figured out where every race belongs in the universe. You will find ruins of a long-dead undead empire whose half-dead gods are threatening to come back once again. In the recesses of the Aether, an otherworldly realm that transcends all of reality and doesn't obey its laws of physics, you will find everything from spirits of dead aether-sailors, to eldritch abominations, to angels and demons. And you cannot avoid it - the Aether is the only known way to surpass certain pesky laws of physics such as speed of light, allowing the flourishing of galactic civilization.

Worlds of the Aether is a crazy setting where almost everything is possible and every planet is brimming with possibilities, from elementals, to elves, to demons, to aliens.

The setting is heavily inspired by Warcraft and Spelljammer, having its origin as roleplaying background for visiting other, uncharted worlds in the Warcraft setting and adapting a lot of Spelljammer material. Now separated officially from both, it nevertheless shows its homage to the crazy awesome settings that spawned it.