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Type: Demon
Planetary Information
Population: 100 000
Day Length: 42,5 hours
Year Length: 4332 Earth days
Surface Temp: 147° C
Gravity: Low
Atmosphere: Sulfur Dioxide
Societal Information
Races: Salamander, Efreet, Dwarf

Io is a moon of Jupiter, a gas giant in the Sol System in the Unknown Regions.

One of the few worlds of demon type with little influence from actual demons, Io is a highly volcanically active world, heated to the point of melting rock by Jupiter's massive tides. Because of the temperature and poisonous atmosphere, most humanoids cannot survive on its surface, but scattered, nomadic populations of alien pyrophiles managed to make their way there. Io's constantly shifting surface frequently brings up buried minerals and other goods, which these populations eagerly harvest and sell to other worlds in Jupiter's system.


There is evidence of Titan presence on Io, although it has been mostly destroyed in the eternally shifting fiery landscape. As they doubtlessly encountered countless other tidally-heated moons before, they likely weren't researching much, but harnessing the moon's energy for other purposes.

Sixteen thousand years ago, bronze dwarves from an unknown system arrived on Io. Their descendants have now forgotten their origin, but the outposts resistant to the toxic conditions still remain. It's speculated that other dominant creatures on Io, efreet and salamanders, have been also brought by these dwarves. The dwarven myths speak of a world with seas of flame, thus they likely came from a similar, volcanic world.

The constant part of Io's ever shifting political landscape have been the city of Odzn, originally a dwarven outpost floating with the fire currents. Although it understandably changes its position on the moon's surface, Odzn has remained dominant thanks to its relative safety and economic influence. Odzn sends hundreds of miners across Io and harvests the minerals brought up and sells them to the less fortunate and more ephemeral settlements on Io, as well as other moons of Jupiter.

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