Heinvald Shickel-Gruber

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Heinvald Schickel-Gruber, the Terminator, used to be an Irden (space dwarf) field commander. Like everyone else in their military, he claimed to be there to fulfill his duty. The real reason was that he just loved killing. Unfortunately for him, he served during the time when no great wars happened. One day, he suffered a terrible accident during troop training and died a horrible death. His body was unrecognizable.

Because it wasn't his body. He faked his death to start an independent career. Abandoning his real name and adopting the moniker of the Terminator, he became an assassin for hire. They say he is an expert at using every weapon known to dwarf, man, or any other race in the Galaxy. He can score a headshot with a crossbow from half a mile away. He's beaten the second best swordsman in the Galaxy, Kyosh Yonki, an oni four times his size. It's said giff bow before him in respect of his skill with a firearm.

It would eventually come out who he really was. To avoid embarrassments, Irden leadership sent assassins after him. They all failed, in spectacular ways. Heinvald would eventually create his own group of assassins, all of which he trains personally. Gruff and sarcastic, his pupils hate him and love him at the same time. They hate the training he puts them though, but when it finishes, they would kill themselves at his single command. Now, a powerful Crime Lord, he picks and chooses his contracts at his whim.

More than once he would come into conflict with a rogue from Earth, Joe Gall, a common trickster. Although not nearly his match in physical prowess, Gall always somehow wins, or at least escapes with his life. The Terminator never hated anyone - he loved killing, no matter who - but he's slowly starting to hate Gall.